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Find This Serene Island Park at Surfers Paradise

Macintosh Island Park
Posted in Accommodation at 13 July, 2017

At our Gold Coast resort in Ashmore, you're sure to head to the famous Surfers Paradise that can be visited within minutes from our location. Surfers Paradise is full to the brim with incredible tourist attractions, world-class restaurants, cool cafes, a...

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The Perfect Location for An Exciting Family Retreat at Royal Woods

Kitchen 1b
Posted in Accommodation at 19 June, 2017

The Gold Coast's perfect weather makes it a great place to enjoy a holiday all year-round. Bring your family to this popular Queensland destination for an unforgettable getaway with lots to see, do, and experience. At Royal Woods, our Gold Coast resort of...

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Feel Like You're in Paradise At Our Eco-Friendly Tropical Gardens Gold Coast Resort

Balcony 1a
Posted in Accommodation at 22 May, 2017

The Gold Coast is a tropical holiday destination popular amongst local Queensland folk as well as tourists coming from afar. At Royal Woods Gold Coast resort we've taken it upon ourselves to conserve and respect the natural tropical environment of the reg...

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Luxury On the Gold Coast With Our Smart Holiday Suites and Villas

Queen Bed 1b
Posted in Accommodation at 19 April, 2017

This Autumn enjoy a luxury family holiday on Queensland's premier tourist destination. Our Gold Coast luxury resort guarantees a relaxing getaway conveniently located near all the famous Gold Coast attractions that you would have already heard about. Our...

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Luxury Gold Coast Resort Suites and Villas

Kitchen 1b
Posted in Accommodation at 29 March, 2017

The Gold Coast on Queensland's beautiful eastern coast is a place where plenty of excitement and memories lie ahead. Make it worth it this Autumn by staying in Gold Coast holiday accommodation that sets itself apart from the rest, a world-class resort wit...

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Endless Ways to Have Fun and Relax at Our Gold Coast Resort

Indoor Pool
Posted in Accommodation at 22 February, 2017

With luxury Gold Coast resort accommodation such as ours, it's absolutely necessary to have world-class resort facilities that will enhance your stay and keep you relaxed and pleased throughout your whole stay. When you're not out exploring the Gold Coast...

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How to make sure you'll have a Blast on your Gold Coast Family Holiday

Kitchen 1b
Posted in Accommodation at 11 November, 2016

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for travel is to itemize what you need to pack. As soon as you know you'll be traveling, start a list of everything you will need to pack. Even last minute packing won't be as stressful, when you have...

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Royal Woods Resort: A Gold Coast Luxury Resort

Posted in Accommodation at 13 October, 2016

All or most of us have dreamt about being part of a royal family and dreamt of enjoying an extraordinary luxury that they get. We also think about a great escapade from a stressful work and having a vacation with our family and friends in a relaxing place...

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Helpful Advice If You Are Planning To Spend a Gold Coast Family Holiday

Small Breaky Hamper 1b
Posted in Accommodation at 26 August, 2016

Lots of folks view travel as a thrilling, an educational way to discover the wonders of the world. Travel allows us to meet fascinating people and exotic cultures while providing much-needed relaxation time. By following these tips, you can turn any Gold...

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How To Play Golf Like A Pro during your Gold Coast Family Holiday

Golfer Hitting Golf Ball
Posted in Accommodation at 28 July, 2016

People have been playing golf since the 15th century. Granted, the game of golf has evolved a lot over those centuries, but the central facts of how relaxing and intricate it is have not changed. The article below details some nice tips you can put to use...

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