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The Confidence Man

Posted in Local Area & Events @ May 27th 2015 3:29pm - By Administrator
The Confidence Man

From October 22 to 26, 2015, watch The Confidence Man at The Space, The Arts Centre Gold Coast.

Peter’s family is poised on the precipice of a deeply disturbing chain of events. Find out how the story unfolds.

Step onto the floor and experience this gripping thriller first hand. Witness how family betrayal, moral philandering and menace smother a suburban dream and turn it into a nightmare.

Each performance can accommodate a maximum capacity of 50 audience members. The intimate setting lets you see the action up close. The characters are played by six volunteer participants. The story combines sound track, narration and pre-recorder dialogue. The participants gets to navigate the space and experience the events in the first person. Don’t miss this unique and immersive show.

Each participants hears an individualised audio track which gives them a personalised perspective of the story. Participants feel like they are truly a part of the story unfolding right in front of them.

If you would rather sit on the sidelines, you can survey the action from the perimeter. Eavesdrop on the characters’ innermost thoughts. Be privy to the most private conversations. It’s like being a fly in a wall and witnessing the most dramatic scenes from a safe vantage point.

This is a unique theatre experience that is not to be missed. The audience chooses the action, so it is quite collaborative. The Confidence Man unfolds with the gripping intimacy and urgency of a tale whispered in your ear.

Save the dates and catch this incredible show.

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